AES 2014 will take place in Hangzhou Dianzi University(杭州电子科技大学)in the historical city of Hangzhou, China. Hangzhou Dianzi University is an institution of higher learning that offers multiple disciplines of engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law and education. While highlighting electronics and information science, the university is also fairly strong in the discipline of business management. The predecessor of the university is Hangzhou Aviation Finance and Economics School, founded in 1956. In 1980, Hangzhou Institute of Electronic Engineering was set up, which was later renamed Hangzhou Dianzi in 2004.


How to reach HDU campus (the venue)

1) From Xiaoshan International Airport (Hangzhou), 从杭州萧山机场至下沙

Xiaoshan International Airport is located in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, 27 kilometers to the downtown area of the city. 

Taxi is the most efficient way from the Xiao Shan International Airport to Hangzhou Dianzi University. The address is:

Hangzhou Dianzi University(杭州电子科技大学)
Shujiang hotel(曙江大酒店)
No.1 Road, Xiasha, Hangzhou (杭州下沙2号大街1号)

The cost is about 100RMB (10-15 euros).


2) From Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou, 从上海浦东机场至杭州

Step 1: Pudong Airport(浦东机场) to Hongqiao (railway) station(虹桥火车站) by metro line 2 (in color green), from station - Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hongqiao (Metro) station. Beware, sometimes, the train will stop at Longyang road station, you may change to a new train (but still the same metro line 2) in Longyang road station(龙阳路站). If you want to save your time, you may take the MagLev Train(磁悬浮) from Pudong Airport to Longyang road station, and take metro line 2 at Longyang road station, get off at Hongqiao (railway) station.


Step 2: From Shanghai hongqiao railway station to Hangzhou (east) station

Please take the chinese CRLH (高铁-动车组) (high speed train) at shanghai hongqiao railway station, get off the train at Hangzhou station(杭州城战) or East hangzhou station(杭州东站)(according to dirrerent CRLH train).

Step 3: From Hangzhou station(杭州城战 or East hangzhou station(杭州东站)to Hangzhou Dianzi University

Please take metro line 1 and get off at Wenze Road Station.