AES Frequently Asked Questions



  Why attend AES 2018?

AES 2018 will be an extraordinary event! We will embark on the Dream-Class cruise ship Costa Diadema, the largest vessel flying an Italian flag. We will be sailing together in the Western Mediterranean for 8 days and visiting 6 exciting cities. Don’t miss to join, with your families, this once-in-a lifetime experience!  Be a part of AES 2018, and take the opportunity to meet, interact and network with the experts of Electromagnetics, Antennas and Propagation. The program will facilitate discussions on various relevant topics of the subject among the participants in a dynamic setting.

  Who can attend the symposium?

AES  is open to all. Varying registration rates apply for student and other participants.

  How do I register for the symposium?

Online, a registratin section was added on AES website:

  I am an invited speaker, should I submit an abstract?

Yes. All presenting participants should submit their abstract online at

  I am an invited speaker. Do I need to pay the registration fees?

Yes. All participants are required to pay the registration fees. 

  I am a special session organizer, do I need to pay the registration fees?

Yes. All participants are required to pay the registration fees.

  Is there any financial support available for travel and local expenses?

No. AES is a community symposium, All participants are required to pay the registration fees.

  What kind of equipment will be provided in each meeting room?

Each meeting room will have one screen, one data projector, and one laptop computer with Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader. You should prepare your presentation in PowerPoint or PDF and carry your file on a flash drive. Please report to your session chair 10 minutes before your session starts so you can upload your file to the provided computer in the meeting room. 

  Can I participate in several special sessions?

Yes, with restrictions. A registration covers at most two talks. A participant may not present more than one Invited Lecture at the Symposium (an exception can be made for Plenary and Keynote speakers). 

  Do I need to present a talk in order to attend the symposium?

No. The symposium is open to anyone interested in attending. Registration fees still apply.

  Where can I acquire the symposium proceedings?

All AES proceedings are available for free download on the symposium website:

  Is it possible to embark/disembark at one of the stopover ports and what would be the price?

Yes, it's possible to embark or disembark at one of the stopover ports, but has to be arranged with the symposium organizers ahead of time. The price will be the same as the "full" cruise.

  The number of cabins proposed on the symposium website is quite limited, what happens if all the proposed cabins are sold out?

We have booked and prepaid a limited number of rooms, once this batch of rooms is sold out we will try to book additional rooms at the same discounted rate (with no guarantee, June is the peak season), if not possible, we will ask our participants to book their cabins directly from the Cruise website (in the limit of availability). Our prices are lower than those proposed on the Cruise website (for the same dates). Note also that our prices include the "Hotel Service Charge" (10€/day x 7 = 70€), which is not the case for those proposed on the Cruise website.

  My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?

Please contact for assistance.